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Janitorial Management Incorporated is a leading provider of janitorial services in King of Prussia, PA.


With more than two decades of experience, Janitorial Management Incorporated has provided professional cleaning services to companies large and small. We understand that no two buildings are never the same and customize our cleaning for each facility.

Our services include:

  • Partial Janitorial Needs
  • Corporate Facilities Cleaning
  • Industrial Facilities Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning

JMI consistently produces high quality results at competitive rates and flexible cleaning schedules. We service many buildings with both day and evening services. Whether you have a Corporate Headquarters or large office complex in King or Prussia, JMI has the experience to handle your cleaning needs.

What Our Customers Say:
“JMI approaches the cleaning of our facility as if we were their only customer. No matter what time of day, which day of the week, they always answer and always respond. They consistently exceed our expectations.”

– Tom, Property Manger

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King of Prussia, also known as KOP, is a neighborhood in Upper Merion township, Montgomery County. The town of King of Prussia is located on the outskirts of Philadelphia and is named after the King of Prussia Inn which has historical significance as it was a popular tavern throughout the colonial times into the early 1900s. King of Prussia began extensive suburban development in the 1960s and is known as the epitome of the so called “edge city” phenomenon where a city (in this case, Philadelphia) generates more revenue on its edge rather than the city center. King of Prussia is known for the vast King of Prussia mall, which is one of the largest malls in the United States.

King of Prussia resources:

King of Prussia Town Center – King of Prussia Town Center is a downtown shopping center, area for events, and living community located in downtown King of Prussia and 20 miles outside of Philadelphia. The town center offers a great outdoor shopping experience, free events such as fitness and yoga classes, movie nights and concerts, and restaurants to enjoy a meal outside.

Upper Merion Area School District -The Upper Merion school district strives to help every child to live up to their potential and tirelessly works to achieve its motto “Inspiring Excellence.” Representing the students of King of Prussia, the school district is firm in their stance of equity between people of all backgrounds, beliefs and orientation. Through an inclusive environment, the educators of the Upper Merion Area School District hope to enshrine values in the children and prepare them for the real world.

Rotary of King of Prussia – The Rotary of King of Prussia works with community citizens and businesses to form a more cohesive King of Prussia through service. The King of Prussia Rotary lives by the motto of Rotary International “Service over Self” by serving the community through both local and international service. The club also pays homage to the King of Prussia of history. The King of Prussia branch reaches out in the community as often as it can, they attend events and distribute popcorn and chat with young people and adults about the benefits of joining.

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