Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Tips

Janitorial Cleaning Company

JMI Cleans offers expert janitorial cleaning services for your business. We understand that no two spaces are alike but here are a few standard cleaning tips we like to base our services off of for a perfect clean.

Restroom Cleaning Tips

Hi, it’s Mike from JMI again, here to talk to you a little bit about restroom cleaning. I’m at one of our facilities at night, that our cleaners have come in and already serviced. What we like to look for in this facility is to make sure that everything is spotless for the next day when the customer comes in. Have you ever walked into your bathroom and felt the floor being sticky? Typically that’s from too much chemical being used, maybe not having a dilution control system. Sometimes the cleaners are overzealous and they go gulp, gulp, gulp with their chemicals, come back in, mop the floor. When it dries, it actually dries sticky. Wasn’t because they didn’t do the job, it’s just because they didn’t do it properly, didn’t have the right training. All our facilities use dilution control systems. That way, when you walk in, it’s not sticky, and it’s a clean, viable surface for your customers to come in.

From a disinfectant standpoint, all of the fixtures in the facilities are disinfected with a hospital-grade disinfecting cleaner. The ones we use at night have a 10-minute kill time. What that means is that the surface has to stay wet for 10 minutes for the disinfectant to reach full efficacy. During the daytime, if we have a day porter service in the building, we like to use a disinfectant cleaner that has a 60-second kill time. Here again, it just means that it has to stay wet for 60 seconds for it to reach the full efficacy of the product.

Have you ever smelled like a bad odor in your restroom? That can come from a drain not having been properly cared for. Once a week, we take the product with Citra Solv, dump it down there so the trap doesn’t dry out. If it dries out, sometimes you get blowback or sewer gases. Another area of concern can be the fixtures themselves. Sometimes cleaners don’t clean outside the fixtures and you get a trail down in the men’s room underneath the toilet. These are things that our regional field managers look for when they’re out at buildings doing inspections.

Just a little tip from us at JMI. We’d love to have the opportunity to service your building and give you a free building survey. Call us today at 1-855-JMICLEANS. We appreciate the opportunity. Thanks so much.