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Low moisture, encapsulation pile lifting is a carpet cleaning technique that utilizes the latest technology in cleaning. An encapsulation chemical is applied to the carpeting by pump sprayer followed by a state of the art pile lifting machine that works the chemical into the carpeting. The machine coats each fiber while lifting the fiber back to an upright position. This process can ease or eliminate traffic and wear patterns. Normal vacuuming will then remove the encapsulated dirt from the carpeting.

Benefits of Pile Lifting Carpet Cleaning

  • Low Moisture
  • Effective at Removing Traffic Lanes and Wear Patterns
  • Only Method Known by Corporate Manufacturers to Not Void Warranty

Call JMI at 1-855-JMICLEANS to get a free estimate on cleaning your facility’s carpets with the effective pile lifting technique.

Hey, it’s Mike from JMI. I’m here today to show you a pile lifting technique that will do wonders for your carpet. Pile lifting has been around for a very, very long time, but it’s the only method known by corporate manufacturers to not void your warranty. Corporate manufacturers like Shaw, Milliken, Mohawk, have recommended pile lifting as the only recommended procedure to maintain the warranty of your carpeting.

Pile lifting is used with a low-moisture encapsulation technique. What it basically does is it rota-tiles your carpets up, the carpet fibers rise up, we coat the carpet fibers with a chemical that will dry on the carpet. As it dries, the dirt adheres to it, and once vacuuming occurs, it removes the dirt from the carpet. It’s a great technique, helps eliminate wear patterns and traffic patterns throughout your carpeting and could be done as frequently as you like.

The machine we’re using today is a Whittaker 20-inch trio-brush machine. It has three brushes that rota-tile in. First thing we do is make sure your carpet is vacuumed completely. The next thing we do, pre-treat all spots. Third step is we use a pump sprayer to coat the carpeting with a low-moisture encapsulation chemical, and then we would come back and we’d use the pile lifter to go over top the carpeting in several different directions using more chemical through the electric pump sprayer that’s on the machine. I’m gonna show you now that’s done.

What I’m doing now is using the low-moisture encapsulation chemical and just coating the carpeted area. So we’re gonna coat all the areas, back and forth, making sure we get everything covered before we run the pile lifter over top your carpeting.

Now, we’re gonna work the pile lifter into the carpet. Pull back on the handle and just rotate it back in, back and forth, over the top. This is the pump sprayer in the front. It adds more chemicals on top of your carpet. This is a very low-moisture technique. It will do wonders to eliminate traffic lanes throughout the area.

As you can see, it’s a very easy thing to do. We’re going multiple directions to eliminate the wear patterns. And once this carpet dries, the regular janitorial crew at night would vacuum it up and it will be a mark improvement in it. You can call JMI at 1-855-JMICLEANS to get a free estimate on this quote. Thanks so much. We’ll talk to you again, soon.

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